What is a DockATot?

THE DOCKATOT.  It’s a mattress. It’s a lounger. It’s a co-sleeper. It’s a sleeping pad. It’s a cocoon.  It’s breathable. It mimics the womb. It provides a safe sleeping environment for parents and babies alike.  It’s incredible! Phew!

When it comes to the topic of co-sleeping, there are SO many varying opinions that it can be very difficult to sift through all the information, not to mention the frustration of hearing everyone’s thoughts for or against. Many people think that co-sleeping is unsafe and that infants should never share a bed with their parents. Many others believe, just as strongly, that co-sleeping creates a strong emotional bond between parents and infants and helps ease their transition from the womb to the real world. We, at Baby Logic, believe in supporting parents no matter their views and helping them maintain those in a healthy and safe way. That being said – DockATot is innovative, multifunctional and just plain amazing!! Read below to find out the benefits of adding DockATot to your list of essential baby items!

Benefits of a DockATot


Initially, it mimics the womb. It provides a safe, snug and calming environment for baby to ease their transition from the womb. There aren’t any buckles, or distractions to take away from the infant’s environment.


The DockATot is lightweight and extremely easy to move from room to room. You can even take it with you while traveling so that your baby’s safe haven stays with them – and it gives them a clean place to rest.


A large area of concern for parents is Flat-head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). A flat area on the baby’s skull develops due to uneven pressure on the skull, often from the baby laying on one side more than the other. DockATot helps prevent the risk and incidence of this condition by being constructed with a unique fiber that has a large weight bearing capacity, helping to relieve pressure on the baby’s head. The side bumpers also offer support and can be used to prop up your child when alternating from laying on their back to doing tummy time.


The Startle Reflex is very common in infants from birth up until about 6 months of age. It usually only lasts a few seconds but can often wake baby up at night and prevent them from sleeping soundly through the night or for longer stretches. The Dock helps prevent the Startle Reflex due to its unique shape and promotes a sounder sleep. The cushioning effect of the sides keeps baby sleeping longer and more peacefully.


Tummy time is a great way to help your baby strengthen their necks and develop their motor skills. The Dock’s bumpers can be used to safely position your baby for tummy time so they can explore their new world.


Transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed or an even larger bed can be scary for our little ones (and for us parents!). The DockATot Grand is there to help you, yet again! Its unique shape comforts your child and eliminates the need for a toddler or bed rail. The bumpers are air-permeable and help give your child a sense of security and comfort in 
their new bed.


A perfect night’s sleep can be directly affected by temperature and body heat. The Dock is hypoallergenic and provides a comfortable, breathable space for you child so they are able to drift off into a dreamlike sleep.

Ready for your own DockATot? 

Are you convinced yet? DockATot comes in 2 sizes (0-8 months and 9-36 months) and as you can see, has a multitude of benefits and adaptations. We have been in love with DockATot and love that it bridges the gap between many differing views.  Click on the image below to browse the entire collection by DockATot! 

[The DockATot website provides safe sleeping guidelines that parents should follow if they choose to use the product as a co-sleeper. SEE SAFETY GUIDELINES. The DockATot is intended as a lounger and should always be used under supervision of an adult.]

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