Which adapter do I need with my britax stroller

Britax has made several changes to their stroller and travel system line this past year and it’s been hard to keep up. We’ve made a list to streamline the changes and to make sense of which car seats are compatible with your single Britax Stroller.

If you have a Britax car seat:


If you have a Britax Stroller (single ONLY) and a Britax car seat you are already set to make a travel system – no additional adapters required . Your stroller comes with Click & Go adapters that allow you to click your car seat into it and stroll away.

These seats below are compatible with this Click & Go system:

britax travel system with click & go adapters for car seat

*Please note that if you have a B-SAFE Infant Car Seat, (This is the OLDER version of the seat and has been retired and replaced with the B-Safe 35), your seat will NOT be compatible with the Click & Go adapters. 

britax stroller with snack tray accessory

When you’re done with the infant stage, you can remove the Click & Go adapters and replace them with an accessory of your choice, like the snack tray for single strollers (sold separately). 

If you have a Nuna, Cybex or Maxi Cosi car seat:

If you have a Cybex, Nuna or Maxi Cosi car seat, you may still be able to make a travel system IF and ONLY IF you have either the Britax B-Agile single, B-Free, B-Ready, Pathway, and B-Lively models. The Britax website does say that this adapter works with most Britax strollers that feature the Click & Go system. 

The following car seats are compatible with this adapter:

Britax car seat stroller adapter nuna cybex maxi cosi
  • Maxi Cosi Prezi and AP
  • Nuna Pipa and Pipa Lite
  • Cybex Aton and Aton 2

If you have a Chicco, Graco or Peg Perego car seat:

Unfortunately, the following generic Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame is now discontinued and no longer available from Britax or specialty retailers. 

You could try browsing on Amazon.com or eBay. Good luck and I’m sorry! This adapter used to allow you to make a travel system with non-Britax brand seats.

These seats USED TO BE compatible with this adapter:

If you have a Britax Double Stroller:

If you have a Double Britax Stroller, there are a few options for you – although limited! 

If you have a B-Lively Double stroller and a Britax Infant Car Seat, THIS infant car seat adapter will allow you to make a travel system with ONE car seat. You cannot put TWO infant car seats on this stroller – one spot is reserved for a toddler.

Double Britax Stroller Adapter

These seats are compatible with this adapter:

If you have a 2017 or newer B-Ready Stroller and a Britax Infant Car Seat, THIS infant car seat adapter will allow you to make a travel system with one car seat on the lower adapter. The upper adapters of this stroller are Click & Go so you can also put a car seat in that position.

Britax b-ready lower infant car seat stroller adapter

These seats are compatible with this adapter:

If you have a car seat not mentioned above:

If you have any other car seat that is not mentioned above, sadly at this time, you cannot make a travel system with your Britax stroller. Give it a few months, and once your baby is old enough, they can ride in the stroller without needing their car seat. 

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One thought on “Which infant car seat adapter do I need with my Britax Stroller?

  1. Skyller says:

    By using the Britax Click Go adaptor you can transform your Britax B-Agile 3 and 4, B-Agile 4 Plus and B-Agile Double into a multi-functional travel system. This convenient adaptor enables you to use these Britax strollers right from birth and up. Once the adaptor is installed, you can effortlessly attach the Britax hard carrycot and the Britax R mer infant car seat Baby Safe Plus SHR II to the strollers B-Agile 3 and 4, B-Agile 4 Plus and B-Agile Double.

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