How are the Britax Infant Car Seats Different? A Comparison Between the Britax B-Safe 35, Endeavours, B-Safe Ultra and the NEW Gen2 series.

Britax is a great company (one of my favs!) and they always tend to stay on top of their game. In the past few years, they’ve phased out of some seats (like the 35 Elite), and introduced new ones. Most recently, they released the Gen2 series. It features the Gen2, Gen2 FlexFit+ and Gen2 FlexFit. I think it’s safe to assume the “older” line will be discontinued and replaced with the Gen2’s.

There are TONS of similarities but also several changes in each one that help set them apart. I’ve compiled a few easy-to-navigate charts to help you see what the differences and similarities are so you can narrow down which seat is best for you and your family. Continue reading for more information!

The Similarities:

The 6 seats we’ll be comparing are the B-Safe 35, Endeavours, B-Safe Ultra, B-Safe Gen2, B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit+ and B-Safe Gen2 FlexFit. All 6 of the Britax rear-facing infant seats will have ALL of these characteristics. Several reasons why we LOVE Britax!

  • Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame
  • Energy Absorbing Base
  • Energy Absorbing EPS Foam
  • Adjustable Reclining Base
  • Lower LATCH Connectors
  • Weight Capacity is 4 – 35 lbs
  • Travel System Compatible
  • Installation Level Indicators
  • Interchangeable bases: All B-safe 35/ARB/Gen2/Gen2 with ARB are compatible with all infant seats.

The Differences:

This is where we get down to business. You’ve seen how they’re the same. Check out our table to find out what sets them apart!

BSafe 35BSafe Gen2BSafe UltraGen2 FlexFitEndeavoursGen2 FlexFit+
Spacious Seating/Headrest***
Tagless, Smooth touch fabric***
6 Headrest Positions****
No-Rethread Harness****
4 Headrest Positions**
2 Layers of Side Impact****
1 Layer of Side Impact**
European Belt Path****
ARB Base**
Removable Infant Pillow****

Decision Time

Now that you know more about the seats that are available to you, we hop you can now make a confident decision on which one is best of you and your family. Car seat safety is incredible important and being able to make a decision based on facts is important.

Safety First

No matter which seat you choose, always make sure it’s installed correctly. See our blog below regarding the TOP 6 car seat installation mistakes.

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4 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between ALL the Britax Infant Rear-Facing Car Seats?

  1. Marlie says:

    Hi, Is the crotch strap on the Britax Oneife the same length as the other Britax convertible Car seats? We have the Britax Marathon convertible but the crotch strap seemed to short for my boys and dug into their chubby thighs. We ended up getting the Chicco Nextfit for our other car because the strap was longer. We have the Britax Frontier booster seat the and the crotch strap on that one is longer than the one on the Marathon convertible seat. I am interested in the One4Life if the crotch strap is longer or is able to be made longer as the child grows Thank you!

    • Rachel Rising says:

      Hi Marlie! As far as I’m aware, they’re all the same size. However, the Britax convertible seats do have adjustable straps that allow for the straps to be shorter for newborns/infants, then lengthened for older children. If you look where the lower part of the strap attaches to the seat, (the attachment point closest to their little thighs), you’ll see that the fabric of the strap has a little loop. That loop will be hooked onto the inner loop for infants. You can detach the strap, and then re-attach it using the outer loop of fabric to lengthen the straps.

      This is from the Britax manual (pg. 23)
      Lengthening the Harness
      1. Open the CLICKTIGHT.
      a. Press the dimple on
      the CLICKTIGHT
      b. Rotate dial clockwise
      until CLICKTIGHT
      releases and lift to
      2. Disconnect the end of
      one harness from the
      anchor on the bottom
      side of the seating area.
      3. Unwrap the end of the
      harness from the metal
      bar and pull to the top of
      the seating area.
      4. Slide the harness loop
      fully onto the same
      anchor from the top of the
      seating area ensuring that
      it is secure.
      5. Repeat on the other side.

      Hope this helps!! I LOVE the One4Life!!

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