How are the Britax Infant Car Seats Different: A Comparison Between the Britax B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite, Endeavours and B-Safe Ultra

Britax is a great company and they always tend to stay on top of their game. They recently phased out a few older model seats and introduced several new seats. There are TONS of similarities but also several changes in each one that help set them apart. I’ve compiled a few easy-to-navigate charts to help you see what the differences and similarities are so you can narrow down which seat is best for you and your family. The great news is that each seat has a different price point which helps them cater to multiple budgets, as well as needs, also. Continue reading for more information!

The Similarities:

All 4 of the Britax rear-facing infant seats will have ALL of these characteristics. Several reasons why we LOVE Britax! The 4 seats we’re discussing are the B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite, Endeavours and B-Safe Ultra. [NOTE: The B-Safe 35 Elite has been discontinued and is no longer available.]

  • Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame
  • Energy Absorbing Base
  • Energy Absorbing EPS Foam
  • 3 Recline Positions
  • Lower LATCH Connectors
  • Weight Capacity is Birth – 35 lbs
  • Travel System Compatible
  • Installation Level Indicators
  • ARB Base and 35 Base can be used on all 4 infant car seats.

The Differences:

This is where we get down to business. You’ve seen how they’re the same. Check out our table to find out what sets them apart!

DIFFERENCESB-Safe 35B-Safe 35 EliteEndeavoursB-Safe Ultra
Layers of Side Impact    
Adjustable Harness Positions4 Adjustable Harness Positionsmust re-thread straps for each desired height   
Removable Comfort Pads    
Flip Forward Belly PadNot AvailableNot AvailableFlip-forward belly pad provides easy access to harness buckle & maximizes your baby’s comfort.Flip-forward belly pad provides easy access to harness buckle & maximizes your baby’s comfort.
Rideshare ReadyNot AvailableNot Available  
Anti-Rebound Bar    

Decision Time

Now that you know more about the seats that are available to you, we hop you can now make a confident decision on which one is best of you and your family. Car seat safety is incredible important and being able to make a decision based on facts is important.

Safety First

Now that you’ve maybe narrowed down which seat you works for your family, make sure it’s installed correctly. See our blog below regarding the TOP 6 car seat installation mistakes.

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