6 Weeks


TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  + 1 overall. and so it begins. i'm thinking of investing in a digital scale so i can get more 'accurate' results
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  no BUT, I am wearing a pair of leggings today that are geared for "before, during and after" a pregnancy - (with an emphasis on BEFORE showing at this point!). the top folds down and they are super silky and stretchy. keeps me together. i have a feeling i'll be wearing these a TON
SLEEP:  not too shabby. but waking up like i have to pee like a racehorse!

BEST MOMENT:  dustin had a quiet conversation with baby riso #2 a few days ago and it was so cute to see them having a bonding moment so early in the game....on a side note, i was able to finish a shutterfly book of the blog i did during brecken's pregnancy and i loved going through all our memories...so looking forward to making new ones with his little bro/sis :)
MISS ANYTHING?  i'm kinda missing a glass of wine right now. i've been drinking a lot of "fake' drinks and water of course but that gets old fast lol 
 not really, more like most things gross me out haha 
  see above!! lol I go through spurts where NOTHING sounds good. then i go hungry. lol
GENDER:  not sure...still thinking girl
SYMPTOMS:  more fatigue, moodiness,  i need my naps right now....i forget how much energy you need to grow little humans! and nausea :( i'm assuming eating will make it go away but kinda hard to get an appetite when everything looks gross...
MOOD:  super moody! grouchy! call me sour puss rach from now on
EXCITED FOR: tuesday! my family is coming to hang for awhile!!! always love when our parents come....break time for sour puss rach and d-train :) (speaking of....i need a cool nick name)

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