8 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  still at 0 lbs :)
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: no BUT I have been wearing a few preggo pants just because it helps with the bloating lol
SLEEP:  off and on. I've been having really weird dreams! Some nights are great, others not so great
STRETCH MARKS?: nope and i hope to keep it that way
BEST MOMENT:  the craigslisting has begun!!! dustin flipped a great couch the other day. we haven't lost our touch it seems!
MISS ANYTHING?: i miss having energy!!! i'm kinda over being tired all the time....and my memory!! thank goodness for lists and calendar reminders!
  still most things. my appetite is down and most things seem gross still
GENDER:  not sure, we think girl!
SYMPTOMS:  TIRED, TIRED and more TIRED! a bit nauseous too, how fun!
INNIE OR OUTIE?  innie but i don't think for long sadly! 
MOOD:  overall happy, not as moody lol so that's good for Dustin and the people around me haha
EXCITED FOR: Tuesday! Date night with the hubs! my mom is watching breck for a sleepover while Dustin and i head to the Hot Springs! So excited!

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