9 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  Still 0 lbs Woot Woot! Been working out more this week so feeling pretty good!
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Nope :) and I have a feeling most of my pre-preggo pants will fit for awhile (they're super low riders and stretchy- bonus!)
SLEEP:  Still off and on. Great some nights and terrible the next. Mornings have been tough for me! Lucky for me, mom is still here so I can sleep in a bit....for now!
BEST MOMENT:  DATE NIGHT!! The hubs and I headed out of town last week for a mini vacation and it was great. We had dinner (no cell phones!), soaked in the hot springs and had a great breakfast. If any of you missed Dustin's FaceBook post about it, here it is - I thought it was quite funny!!
"Went to Chico Hot Springs last night with Rachel J Rising. Brecken stayed home with grandma, there was no TV in the room, no cell phone service, didn't bring my laptop or iPad, and we forgot to bring cards. Ended up just spending the night talking with the wife. She seems like a nice person... 
MISS ANYTHING?: Not really, been really enjoying ginger beer
 Cottage cheese. Weird!
  Not as much this week. Chicken is walking a fine line with me right now. 
GENDER:  Not sure
SYMPTOMS:  I feel like a broken record. Still tired, not as nauseous though :) Bloated :(
MOOD:  Getting more and more excited as we get further along. It has actually been going by very fast....I can hear all the moms out there saying "I told you so...." lol
EXCITED FOR: Fairmont Hot Springs!!! Another mini vacation this coming weekend. A group of us are heading out of town to ski (some of us), soak (all of us) and just chill out. Breck gets to come this time and it will be his second annual adventure! Yay for family time!


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