10 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  -5 lbs. I've been sick this week (again!), so no surprise here
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: off and on lol depends on the day
SLEEP:  better actually
BEST MOMENT:  Mini vacation with friends and family! We went to Fairmont and Breck was much braver than me and went down the 5 STORY WATERSLIDE (with dustin) not once, but THREE times! and he loved it! I watched like a nervous nellie at the bottom lol
MISS ANYTHING?: energy! lol
MOVEMENT:  nope still early
 salad with vinaigrette, things just keep getting weirder and weirder
  everything else
GENDER:  not sure
LABOR SIGNS:  not yet
SYMPTOMS:  still tired, more nausea this week but i am sick after all, which doesn't help
MOOD:  sick of being sick :(
EXCITED FOR: we have several dinner parties coming up this week, a branding in a few weeks then a family trip to Spearfish SD for a wedding....lots of fun stuff going on!

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