11 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  0 lbs. Back to my starting weight. What a difference a week makes!
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Occasionally. Nothing like wearing your Thanksgiving "fat" pants everyday and having a reason to!! lol 
SLEEP:  Ugh! Hit or miss
BEST MOMENT:  finding out that my sense of humor that I got with breck is coming back. for those of you that know Dustin and I, you know it takes a really good joke for him to acknowledge that you're funny! Well I just happened to drop a great one liner the other day and got all three of us laughing!!! In an effort to not ruin my hilarious moment, I will refrain from retelling it hahahah
MISS ANYTHING?: Feeling good! Breck and I have been trying to kick a cold all week and it just keeps lingering :(
MOVEMENT:  Too early
 FETA....on a spinach salad....with vinaigrette! what is happening to me!
  better this week. can pretty much each anything again, although I have less appetite
GENDER:  We still think girl!
SYMPTOMS:  still tired....i'm excited to finally write another symptom down but sadly, it's all I have right now....
MOOD:  excited! been wanting to clean more which is weird for me
EXCITED FOR: some good ole' fashion cowboy/cowgirl fun! We're heading out to our friend's ranch this Saturday to brand some cattle! Breck will get to be up close with some livestock and I'm sure he'll love it! AND we get to hear baby Riso #2's heartbeat on Friday!!! YAY!

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