13 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +2 lbs overall. I feel like a roller coaster. I'd be ok putting on a bit of weight at this point (this is probably the only time that I'll say that) lol
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: still occasional. maybe more frequently now. Although I still fit in my pre-preggo clothes for the most part. I like the extra space some days
SLEEP:  so much better now. 2nd trimester is awesome (so far)
BEST MOMENT:  FINALLY telling our families over the weekend! We headed to SD for a family wedding on Dustin's side and it was great seeing everyone! Although we did get lost, breck got car sick 8 times and we missed half of the ceremony but it all worked out!
Also on our journey to South Dakota, we had to stop at a junkyard to pick up a vehicle for Dustin. We get to this stereotypical yard, with cars and parts EVERYWHERE and a lady (super classy one) meets us in her mini van with her 3 yappy chihuahas/rat dogs. We meet her at our vehicle and Dustin gets attacked by a rat sized true junkyard dog. The pint sized beast latched on to his pant leg and refuses to let go until his "master" commands him to! We laughed so hard!!
MISS ANYTHING?: a social drink with friends and family. kinda sucks when you're the only sober one but it's a guaranteed DD for the rest of the crew right? safety first!
 food, in general
  nothing now
GENDER:  not sure, chinese birth chart says girl, although it said girl with breck too....so boy?
SYMPTOMS:  feeling great this week, not too tired, not too nauseous....
INNIE OR OUTIE?  innie? kinda
MOOD:  happy, energized, like a new non-grouchy me lol
EXCITED FOR: dyeing easter eggs with breck. we were gone for Easter so we're planning on getting some traditions in this coming week!

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