15 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  -5 lbs from starting weight. Although I feel fat and am showing already
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: still off and on. depends on the day
SLEEP:  much better. which is a nice change
BEST MOMENT: we all had our first softball game of the season and Brecken cheered on the team like a true sports fan!!! Complete with "Go, Go" and clapping! Like any true softball team, we finished off the night at B'Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings)...nothing beat chicken tender wednesday!!\
We also ventured out into the world and had a play date this week at a park. Breck even got to slide down by himself for the first time! Way to go buddy!MISS ANYTHING?: Seasonal beers...tis the season!
chinese takeout....yum!
  everything else...food wise lol
GENDER:  not sure
SYMPTOMS:  for some reason, nausea has returned...and it's full blown, constant. 
INNIE OR OUTIE?  innie...for now
MOOD:  excited, happy
EXCITED FOR: my lil bro will be here in 2 weeks!! woot!!

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