16 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  0 lbs still. 
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Off and on. It's nice to have extra wiggle room.
SLEEP:  Really weird dreams this week. I've been grabbing Dustin't arms, face during the night looking for Breck's toys haha
BEST MOMENT: Dustin and Brecken took me to a DELICIOUS 4-course Mother's Day Brunch. It was fancy, upscale and perfect!!! I loved every second of it! I love my little family!
So we're driving around one day, doing errands and I turn to Dustin and say: "I feel like a hot dog". He gives me this ridiculous look like I just landed from another planet and so I feel the need to clarify...."I feel like eating a hot dog, I don't actually think I am a hot dog?!?" WOW, I guess some expressions need translations...and maybe my Canadian-French isms don't always carry over LOL
Oh AND, how can I forget.....the men in my life got me (and a lady friend) a spa day with lunch and shopping minus the tater tot in Big Sky. I'm soooo excited to get "out of town" and hang out with a lady friend and get pampered....soo needed!!MISS ANYTHING?: No, doing good this week. 
MOVEMENT:  Not yet, but I'm starting to feel some fluttering (AKA probably gas still).
salty and sweet...combined!
  nothing it making me wanna hurl this wee,...so that's good :)
GENDER: not sure. BUT we find out June 17th :)
SYMPTOMS:  tired again, I thought I was done with that.....
INNIE OR OUTIE?  innie? kindof
MOOD:  excited, I can't believe how fast the time is going by!
EXCITED FOR: Our house addition. My brother will be here soon and then ground breaking begins. Woot!!

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