17 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  -5 lbs this week. This baby is sucking the life out of me. That means more snacks for Rach :) I did get an unofficial prescription for more ice cream from my midwife....but don't panic, I'm not throwing healthy foods out the window! I've been eating more almonds, crackers with cream cheese, protein and all that good stuff.
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Yeah still off and on. I found the cutest pair of skinny jeans the other day. can't even tell..until you look at the elastic top hahaha Note to self, wear long shirts!
SLEEP:  so weird! my dreams are so real, poor dustin. I do toss and turn a lot too...sadly
BEST MOMENT: My brother got here Friday. The ground breaking has begun!! Our yard is now a mud pit but Breck has been loving watching the Bobcat tear up the lawn and dig out our foundation. I'm truly impressed at how "manly", resourceful and just plain awesome my hubby and lil bro are! They are building an addition!! what!?!
We also scheduled our ultrasound this week...we find out June 17th if Breck will have a lil sis or lil bro...so excited!MISS ANYTHING?: not really, sometimes I wish I could partake in an adult bevvie with the gang but I'll live :)
MOVEMENT:  No, but more and more fluttering/gas sensations. I think he/she'll be big enough soon to really make some waves
nothing consistent but I get random cravings for stuff....apples and cinnamon, crackers and cream cheese....EW, GROSS:  luckily nothing this week
GENDER: still thinking girl but you never know
LABOR SIGNS: no thankfully
SYMPTOMS:  tired at Sh*t lol what is this child doing to me? I'm turning into Dustin and taking naps daily AND getting a full night's rest...something is wrong!! lol
INNIE OR OUTIE?  innie ish
MOOD:  happy when i'm not too tired to function, starting to get nervous
EXCITED FOR: Hm, lots going on right now. Several play dates this week (i hope), Bday party for Breck today, more construction...I feel like i need to start a construction blog now too hahaha

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