18 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  Back to starting weight this week...at least I'm gaining now!
MATERNITY CLOTHES?: Occasionally, although the preggo pants are coming out more and more...they're just so comfy...and last time I found the CUTEST shorts that no one believes are preggo shorts so I'm gonna milk that as long as possible haha
SLEEP:  I can't believe how many weird dreams I've had...every night...so vivid....
BEST MOMENT: We had our first family camping trip this past weekend to the Sand Dunes and it was awesome! My brother Nick was able to come along with us and some good friends to tear up the sand and relax. Breck did great and slept all night like a little baby...He was so tired that he napped for 4 hours the next day, after sleeping for 14 hours overnight....This kid is definitely Dustin's child....he gives him a run for his money with the sleeping hahaha Although I did find out that my child does not like to get sand on his hands, so he didn't love the little beach...next time Breck...you'll love it!!
Breck also finally decided that it was cool to kiss mom. Up until now, he's kissed every toy, book, blown kisses and even kissed dishes...but never mom..that has now changed!! I'm going to treasure this moment forever!!MISS ANYTHING?: not really this week. 
MOVEMENT:  nope, but looking forward to itCRAVINGS: not really, I'm boring this weekEW, GROSS:  so far, everything looks good this week
GENDER:  not sure, my mom thinks boy only because I always wanted a sister and never got one lol (although I love my brothers)
LABOR SIGNS: Nope and not for awhile hopefully
SYMPTOMS:  tired but not as bad. I finally feel like a human, like myself again...that only took how long?
INNIE OR OUTIE?  halfsie
MOOD:  excited
EXCITED FOR: finding out what baby riso #2 is!!! I've been dying to know so that I can buy frilly pink stuff or sit back and relax with the boy stuff. We got that area covered :)

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