21 Weeks

MATERNITY CLOTHES?  More and more, especially pants. Although, the elastic (rubber band for the Americans!) around the button hole works great!! Just need longer shirts...
SLEEP:  Getting to be so much better. Some nights I even don't wake up for pee breaks...and no that doesn't mean I'm peeing the bed haha
BEST MOMENT:  Hmmm. So many things to be thankful for this week. We are still in the process of building our addition, with the help of my little bro Nick! He's been amazing at helping with Breck and with the construction. Huge shout out to Slick Nick!
We went camping last weekend with a group of friends and their kids and it was super fun. So many great memories including.....late one night, after the boys lost their quad and cell phone (lol) and then finding both!! they decide they want a snack. Now, we are all sleeping in a fifth wheel (Our gang of 4 and another family of four). Nick decides he really wants chips but doesn't want to wake the whole trailer to open the bag. So he decides to be super quiet and discreet and do a huge grunt while opening the bag!!! So much more quiet Nick!! haha
MISS ANYTHING?  Not really....maybe just energy and being able to stay up late. But we never stay up late anyways lol
MOVEMENT:  Yes more and more each day!
  so far everything looks good
GENDER:  We find out in 2 DAYS!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!
LABOR SIGNS:  Nope but I do get quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day. Let's hope for a quick labor with all this practice
SYMPTOMS:  I'm really feeling back to normal these days. Aside from getting tired faster
MOOD:  So excited for Tuesday!
EXCITED FOR: Did I mention I'm excited for Tuesday? We find out if Brecken will have a sister or brother. Eek!

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