22 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +10 lbs overall. Funny how I've been showing a lot sooner but gaining weight a lot later....Hmm?
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  Yes, yes and yes! Still on the hunt for longer shirts and I've been rocking a few sweet preggo sweaters (thanks to the cold weather)
SLEEP:  Better all the time. No more weird dreams or waking up several times per night
BEST MOMENT:  Finding out that Breck is getting a little BROTHER!!!!!! We are over the moon excited for him to have a little buddy to play with (and probably fight with). As always, we are happy either way but so far, this is rounding out our little family perfectly!
On a side note, I feel as though we are destined to have all boys since I always wanted a sister and never got one (still love you though lil bros!!). After the ultrasound, Dustin assured me that our next kiddo will be a girl. I say to him, "how can you be so sure, it's the luck of the draw". He confidently replies, "I know how to make girls Rach, we'll have 2 boys and I planned it that way" lol
So we'll see what gender fixer Dustin can "guarantee" in the future!
MOVEMENT:  So much! Especially at night
  Fruit, good problem to have I guess
  Greasy food! What is wrong with me? Am I even pregnant?
GENDER:  Boy oh Boy oh Boy oh Boy!!!!!
LABOR SIGNS:  Just Braxton Hicks!
SYMPTOMS:  Not really much going on. Some swelling, hopefully not an indication of more to come
INNIE OR OUTIE? Outie. Even Dustin noticed :(
MOOD:  Happy, time is flying by so fast!
EXCITED FOR: Shopping!!!! Now that we know what we're having, I can plan more appropriately. However, since Baby Boy #2 is due just a few days before Breck, all of B's clothes will be passed on. Oh yeah!! But, my list isn't empty. I do need a few more things.....new stroller, furniture, recliner...you know just a few "little things" Luckily, I know a really great baby store in town!! hahaha

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