30 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +12 lbs..staying on the lighter side this time
SLEEP:  better this week. been off and on though. depends on if baby wants to hang out on my bladder or not lol
BEST MOMENT:  best moment this week was chatting with my lil bro nick....he asked me how far along I was, I told him and he says "cool, 30 out of 58 weeks right?" OMG can you imagine being preggo for OVER A YEAR!! you can always count on family to put a smile on your face! So happy he moved out here!!
MISS ANYTHING?  a super juicy, perfectly medium rare steak.mmmmm!!!! I'll be accepting food donations once baby Rising gets here (hint hint mom!)
MOVEMENT:  so much. he's crazy. he's either super tall or refuses to stay in the fetal position
  see above :) STEAK!!! Can't wait. eating a well done steak is like chewing on leather lol
  a well done steak lol sorry i'm on a steak kick this week
GENDER: still a boy
LABOR SIGNS:  nope..not too many contractions either
SYMPTOMS:  not too much going on this week. some swelling, kinda tired..gotta love compression stockings. on a good note, they make me feel sporty :)
INNIE OR OUTIE?  outie, and i've realized that this is a super boring question to have on here...note to self on the next one?
MOOD: happy and content this week. getting things organized....figuring out colors and themes for the nursery.
EXCITED FOR: our addition to be done so I can finish the nursery!! lol it's been a long time coming but we're getting close. also excited to meet baby rising. can't believe we only have 10 more weeks.

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