32 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: +13 lbs slow and steady
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  yes yes and yes
SLEEP:  pretty good this week. actually getting some full nights, which doesn't happen alot these days
STRETCH MARKS?: nope lucky me :)
BEST MOMENT:  we headed to the Big Horn Reservoir this past weekend with some good friends and got to test out our new camper and boat. It was so nice to relax, have no cell phone service and fish all day. Breck had a great time calling all the "fishies". Great food, great company.....you can't complain :)
MISS ANYTHING?  after camping, I miss a cold beer. I will def be bringing some alcoholic beverage of some sort to the hospital to celebrate baby....company welcome :)
MOVEMENT:  so much. he's so crazy! I think we'll have our hands full!
  not really anything. been loving the grapes and fruit still
GENDER: boy oh boy
SYMPTOMS:  kinda tired but i have so much more energy than earlier in my pregnancy. i've been able to help dustin with some preggo-friendly house building tasks even
INNIE OR OUTIE?  outie, but who really cares anymore?
MOOD: happy, getting excited and ready to prep the nursery
EXCITED FOR: more camping!!! nothing beats family time, relaxing, getting away from it all

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