37 Weeks

MATERNITY CLOTHES?  yeah but some days I feel risky (or "skinny") and try to pull off wearing my non preggo jeans with a rubber band on the fly haha it works but gets uncomfortable after awhile..there's a reason they make preggo pants!
SLEEP: hit or miss..some nights are awesome..others not so much :(
STRETCH MARKS?: at this point, it's safe to say that I don't get stretch marks :)
BEST MOMENT:   so many great things are happening!!! Dustin continues to be super-hubby and finish all the little things that are left on our addition! It looks SOOOOO good. I can't believe how great it turned out....all that hard work!!! So handy!! I got lucky :)
As I mentioned last week, my best lady friends took me out for a spa night complete with greasy apps to top off the night! I felt so spoiled and now I have super cute toes for labor lol Nothing beats 4 cutely dressed ladies, sharing more apps than they can handle and FINISHING every last bit!!!!!
MISS ANYTHING?  energy?? I was feeling so energized but that seems to have been a phase 
MOVEMENT:  TONS! although, less moving and more kicking, punching, and squirming...he must be getting crammed in there
 chocolate covered almonds....thank you costco :)
  large meals...after eating a huge steak dinner before going into labor with Breck, you might say I'm hesitant to eat a huge meal again.....I'll snack and eat often instead..thank you very much!
GENDER: better be boy still....lol
LABOR SIGNS:   starting to dilate...my body likes to prep early...midwife thinks when I "go", it'll be like "wildfire"
SYMPTOMS:   TIRED, TIRED TIRED!!! where did all my energy go? 
MOOD:  excited still, but tired...feeling ready...anxious to be done and meet the little man
EXCITED FOR: The big day!!! woot!!! but also, we have some fun family nights planned before he gets here....we'll be checking out the hay maze, tractor ride and pumpkin patch this week to fully prep for halloween....we're really excited for breck to experience the maze as a toddler this year!

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