39 Weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  +25 lbs (same as last week....probably because I have no appetite)
MATERNITY CLOTHES?  yeppers. been LOVING the preggo leggings this week :) so much room to breathe!!
SLEEP: what is sleep?? I know everyone says to enjoy it now, but I'd much rather be up snuggling with a baby then tossing and turning all night
STRETCH MARKS?: nope, good genes :)
BEST MOMENT:   Where do I begin? This week we headed to the pumpkin patch and corn maze to pick out a pumpkin. Then we headed to the hay maze and went on a tractor ride. Breck loved every minute of it....and not sure who loved the hay maze more...us our B!!! took us over an hour to get out....maybe because we let an almost 2 year old lead the way for part of it lol
Family naps have also because customary around our house which is AWESOME!
MISS ANYTHING?  sleep. maybe one day, I'll sleep again
MOVEMENT:  so much!! he's such a mover!! Please come out and move where we can see you!
 sleep lol apples with cinammon
  food in general. not really having much of an appetite this week. maybe my body is prepping for labor?
LABOR SIGNS:   getting more contractions...but just as I think we need to head in, they stop...so we're still at home...we'll see what tomorrow brings!
SYMPTOMS:  tired, fatigue, emotional, tired (oh wait did I say that already?) lol, achy, sore (good thing I know an excellent chiropractor)
MOOD:  emotional, tired, fatigued, excited, ready....
EXCITED FOR: we cannot wait to meet him and have a family of 4 :) Plus, all of our family will be coming up to meet him and it's always nice having family around. 

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