Finding the PERFECT shoe for your child

Finding the PERFECT shoe for your child

Baby shoes are so cute! Moms LOVE to put shoes on their baby’s feet to help finish an outfit or to keep their little feet warm! 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when picking out shoes for a little one!

When babies are little and are not walking on bare feet, socks or a soft sole shoe are the best.  A hard sole shoe could actually cause more damage than help for your child. Stiffer soles can make walking harder for those just starting out because their feet are heavier, making them more likely to trip. The bones in a baby's foot are soft and don't finish hardening until around age 5, though kids' feet keep growing well into their teenage years. With that being said, constricting soft feet in hard soles could prevent bones from developing properly. When an infant starts taking steps they use their toes to help their balance.  It is still ideal at this point to use soft soles or to go barefoot 

When it is time for your child to go exploring outside, they will need a little more protection than going bare foot and or only wearing socks.  Now you want to find a shoe that you can bind and twist.  When your baby gets a little older, you can put them in a shoe that has a little bit more support but it is still important that you can bend the shoe.  

A brand to consider when buying shoes is See Kai Run.  They make great shoes for every step of the way. From flexible soft soles to more rigid, supportive shoes for the older children! They make a soft sole shoe that has rubber on the bottom.  They are perfect for infants and beginner walkers.  They do not form a child’s delicate foot in any way.  They have enough protection for walking outside as well.  See Kai Run also make shoe for toddlers that still have a sole that you can bend.  See Kai Run takes pride in their product.  They make sure that each shoe mimics a child’s bare foot as closely as possible, so kids’ feet can develop without any restrictions.  

Come check out our selection of shoes and find the best one for your child to promote healthy walking!

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