Why you shouldn't buy a used car seat!

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Why you shouldn't buy a used car seat!

Let’s be honest, starting a family is exciting but it does come with added expenses.  And while you can save in many areas, there are a few baby items that should not be skimped on.

A car seat is going to be an item you should not get used. If you are 100% sure that the seat has NOT been in an accident, and you are getting it from a relative, then it might be ok. If it’s not a trusted person you really do not have a way to finding out the history of a car seat. Even unseen damage can affect the seats functioning. For example, even after a light fender bender, car seat manufacturers strongly recommend replacing your child’s car seat. The damage may not be seen but it will not hold up the same in another accident. Along with food, car seats expire as well. With the change in temperature from cold to hot and every day use the plastics in the car seat break down. It might be hard to locate an expiration date on a used car seat, if you buy one new you know exactly when it will expire. Many considerations go into the design and manufacturing of each car seat. Crash tests, safety research and technological advances are all part of it. If you buy an older car seat, it might be lacking the most updated safety features.
Overall, buying a used car seat is not recommended. Save yourself some stress and buy a new car seat that has the safest up-to-date technology that will protect your baby in case of an accident.

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