Sleeping Habits 101 : How to help baby sleep better

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Sleeping Habits 101 : How to help baby sleep better

Being a new mom is not an easy job! Your fatigue starts when you are pregnant and continues on after baby is born. At times you may be very stressed out and feeling overwhelmed but in the end you hold that precious baby and know every minute is worth it! In this blog we will help you understand your baby’s sleep needs, ways to help him/her and give you some ideas to help yourself!

First, you need to understand your baby’s sleep needs! During the first few months your newborn will eat about every 2 hours. Their need to eat will overrule their need to sleep. Newborns don’t know the difference between day and night and sleep around 10 to 18 hours a day. They may sleep 2 to 4 hours at a time. This could be very difficult for parents because their awake time might be in the middle of the night. When your baby gets closer to 7 or 8 weeks baby’s start to stay awake a little bit longer during the day and sleep a little bit longer at night! They will still continue to wake up to eat and be changed during the night. About 4 to 6 months your infant is capable of sleeping 8 to 10 hours at night without waking up to be fed. Some baby’s can do that as early as 6 weeks but most or some will continue waking up at night into their toddler years. Keep in mind that every baby will be different.

Here are some suggestions that will help baby sleep better. Make sure the room temperature is about 68 degree Fahrenheit. You don’t want it too cold or too hot for the baby. You might try swaddling your infant. This will help make your baby feel secure. Swaddling creates a little pressure around your baby’s body to calm him/her. Another item you can add to your nursery could be a white noise. This will be similar to the noises baby heard 24/7 in the uterus. Cloud-b makes the Sleep Sheep or Gentle Giraffe that are fantastic noise-makers!

Here are some tips for new parents that might help you get some rest. If mom can pump and save her milk, dad can take a feeding and let mom get the next. When baby sleeps the parents should sleep. Don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can take a rest. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins. Don’t rush to get back to your normal routine. Give yourself a month to get back on track!  

Overall having a new baby at home is exiting and very stressful at the same time! Take one day at a time and remember there is always tomorrow. Letting your body heal is much more important than getting the house cleaned! Take this time to snuggle with your little bundle of joy!





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