Why you need a Best Nursing Chair!

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Why you need a Best Nursing Chair!


Upon finding out you're pregnant, most people start making lists of what they are going to need. Car seat, stroller, crib, breast pump, nursing chair, diapers, bottles, clothing etc. As time goes by, and budgets are made, that list often gets whittled down to needs vs wants and nursing chairs sometimes don't make the cut. However, what most people don't realize is that new mothers/fathers will spend an average of 6 hours per day feeding their child!! That is more time than is spent bathing, talking on the phone, cleaning and cooking ALL COMBINED!

A good nursing chair will go a long way! It will provide you with a comfortable, quiet place to feed your baby and bond with him or her. It also becomes a story telling area to cuddle with your child at night and read stories or to just simply rock. 

At Bibs and Binkies, we carry only the best nursing chairs available. The Storytime Series Collection by Best Chairs are designed specifically with new parents in mind. They are made of high quality materials that will hold up over time and grow with your family. They also always feature reinforced lumbar support to help keep you healthy and feeling good while you feed your baby. Their line is comprised of traditional wooden gliders, swivel gliders and recliners. Ottomans can also be added for that extra little bit of comfort during those long nights. They offer HUNDREDS of fabrics that let your chair easily transition between a nursing chair, to a piece of furniture in your living area or study. They are all custom built once you pick your chair style and color. Each piece is uniquely built for you....and they cost about the same or LESS than other comparable models!!!

We have several chair styles in store for you to try out and have a full catalog of options. Our staff is always happy to assist you in choosing the "best" Best Chair for you!




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  • Gloria

    Love these chairs and more importantly, I love that you offer one in your nursing nook in the store for mall-weary mamas and babes to get a quiet little break from shopping!

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