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How to Pick the Perfect Stroller!

Picking the perfect stroller is never easy! There are so many types and brands it could be overwhelming. Let us help you out!

First, you need to find out what your lifestyle is like? Are you going to be going off-road or staying on the sidewalks? Are you a runner or just a shopper? Do you want a travel system or just a stroller? If you are going to just use a stroller for sidewalk walking and shopping you can go with either a 3-wheeled or lightweight 4-wheeled stroller.

Britax makes a lightweight 3-wheeled stroller called the B-Agile that works great for shopping or just taking a stroll down the sidewalk. If you would like a classy elegant stroller, Uppababy makes a Vista that comes with a bassinet or you can try their more compact Cruz! Both are perfect for the mall or going downtown!

Umbrella strollers, like the Chicco lightweight or the Uppababy G Luxe are a great choice while travelling or to keep in your vehicle for quick trips out. If you are an off-roader or runner you might check into the BOB line of jogging strollers. They have a lot of different styles to fit everyone’s needs. They have ones that have a fixed front wheel and some that have a swivel front wheel that you could lock when you need more stability. The Bibs FAVORITE is the Bob Revolution! It is versatile, and makes a great travel system with many different brands of infant bucket seats.

If you are looking into getting a travel system, there is something for every family’s needs and wants. If you buy the stroller and infant bucket seat separately, make sure they are compatible with eachother. Britax, Chicco and Uppababy have their own travel systems but can also be configured to fit other bucket seats! BOB strollers are compatible with a lot of different car seats as well; you would just have to make sure you get the correct adapter for the                                                               car seat.

If you are more of a planner, there are several strollers that will grow with your family! The Baby Jogger City Select, Uppababy Vista and Britax B-Ready are all single strollers that can be configured to transform into double or even triple strollers in just a few minutes!

Come check out our large selection of strollers on display! You can feel them out and see which one is best for you and your family! Click HERE to view our wide selection of strollers!

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