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The difference between the NEW Britax B-Safe 35 and the B-Safe 35 Elite

Britax B-Safe 35 vs. B-Safe 35 Elite

All hail Britax’s brand new car seat family! The B-safe 35 and B-safe 35 elite have finally arrived! These new seats feature everything we love about Britax’s original B-safe, plus everything we could have dreamed of! New features include…..

  • A streamlined design to better fit in any make or model of vehicle
  • A larger canopy to better protect your little one from harsh sunlight
  • The same safe-cell impact protection we love in Britax’s convertible car seats.
  • A newly designed safe-cell integrated base is designed to absorb forward-moving energy and compress during the event of a crash to keep your little one safe and secure.

So, what makes the B-safe 35 Elite, well, elite?

  • The B-safe 35 Elite possesses the same qualities as the B-safe 35, but includes complete side impact protection. This feature is designed to protect your infant’s sensitive head and neck during a crash.
  • The Elite also has a no-rethread harness, making adjusting the shoulder harness to suit your growing child a breeze!

So, there you have it! Come in and check out Britax’s new car seat family today!


      B-Safe 35 Elite                                B-Safe 35

 Want to see other views and to compare Colors/Styles/Prices of each car seat? Find out below!

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  • Baby Logic

    Carly, yes both seats require different bases. The new updated b-safe 35 series require a b-safe 35 base. If you purchase a Britax stroller, a Britax car seat will be compatible with no additional adapter needed. If you purchase a different brand of stroller, you will be required to purchase a compatible adapter for the car seat that you choose. Note that not all car seats and strollers are compatible. Maybe decide which is more important, car seat or stroller, start there and then select an appropriate pair.

  • Baby Logic

    Pamela, yes, the bases for the b-safe 35 and b-safe 35 elite are interchangeable. As are bases for the new ultra, endeavors car seats also.

  • Baby Logici

    Hi Sharon, unfortunately, the “old” b-safe bases are NOT compatible with the new b-safe 35 seats. You would need the b-safe 35 base for the b-safe 35 car seat. However, the same new b-safe 35 base is compatible with all b-safe 35, ultra, b-safe 35 elite and endeavors car seats.

  • Sharon

    I would be interested in having the prior two questions directly answered. The replies were not helpful at all. The first question asked about BASES. I have another question about BASES. Are the updated Be-Safe 35 car seats compatible with the old Be-Safe bases?

  • Carly

    HI! Do these seats require differing bases? And what about strollers? I have purchased the b agile stroller and am considering which seat I need. Will either work? Thanks!

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