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Which BOB stroller is right for me?

With thousands of options to choose from, picking a stroller can seem like a daunting task! One of the top-quality brands on the market is BOB, a company that prides itself on durability, functionality, and versatility. Whether you are browsing through the mall, running long miles, juggling two little ones, or hiking off-road, there is a BOB stroller to fit everyone’s needs! All BOB Strollers are available as double strollers and feature a 5-point, padded harness, adjustable suspension, multi-position canopy, parking brake, two-step fold, and adjustable reclining seat.

Let's check out the specs!!

Revolution Pro

The BOB Revolution Pro is here to assist in the tackling of any hill that may come your way. This stroller’s three-wheeled design, swiveling front wheel, and pneumatic, polymer wheels make for an exceptionally smooth off-trail ride. The hand-activated rear drum brakes aid in controlling the stroller on inclines and steep hills. Duallie option available.

Revolution Flex

Perfect for jogging, the Revolution Flex’s swiveling front wheel and 9-position adjustable handlebar make it a perfect fit for on or off road travel. Duallie option available.

Revolution SE

The Revolution SE possesses all the things we love about the Revolution Flex, minus the adjustable handlebar. Duallie option available.


Runners, look no further! The Ironman stroller has everything you want from a jogging stroller and more. Designed to be proficient at even high speeds, it is the official stroller of the Ironman triathlon. This stroller features a fixed front wheel for increased stability, an extra lightweight frame, and lightweight alloy wheels. Whatever lies at the finish line, this stroller will be with you every step of the way. Duallie option available.

Sports Utility

Designed to tackle rough terrain, this stroller is designed for off-road hiking or jogging. The fixed front wheel provides stability, even in the most unstable of terrains. Lightweight and maneuverable, this stroller is easy to fold and a breeze to transport, making it a go-to for those parents always chasing after the next adventure.


The BOB Motion is perfect for daily shopping or strolling. With its one-hand fold and lightweight frame, this stroller is designed with you in mind. The four-tire design creates a comfortable ride for both parent and baby. The swiveling front tires make it easily maneuverable and can lock when needed to provide extra stability. If you are looking for the perfect all-around, everyday stroller, this is it!


  • Lori

    I definitely want a Bob Stroller. What would you recommend for a beach area, no hills but we do hike metro parks and head to the beach any chance we get for a long walk.

  • Bibs and Binkies

    Hi Emily! Congratulations on running your first race! Our BOB strollers are competitively priced with our lowest price guarantee. Our 2016 Flex is priced at $399.99 and our 2016 Pro is priced at $448. If you aren’t navigating hills then I think you’d be perfectly fine with the Flex. The adjustable handlebar will allow you to find the most comfortable position for you while running. Good luck!

  • emily

    training for my first race and will have to train pushing my daughter most days. i dont plan on running up or down mountains there may be slight uphill/downhill but mostly just through neighborhoods. Debating the 2016 Pro or the 2016 flex and cannot decide if the drum brake is worth 100 more dollars since my miles are like 12 minute paced nothing crazy.

  • Bibs and Binkies

    Hi Gloria! If you are planning on navigating any incline, I’d recommend the Bob Revolution Pro. The adjustable handlebar will give you more flexibility and let you alter your hand height based on which activity you are doing – quiet stroll, running, hiking etc. The handbrake would be a nice feature when you’re coming down the hill or while running. It will give you more control. The front swivel wheel on all the Revolutions can be locked also while in running mode to give you more stability.

  • Gloria

    They all look great! What would be your top pick for a daily jaunt up and down Peet’s Hill, walking around downtown, and the occasional 5k road race?

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