Chicco Nextfit Zip and Nextfit CX Carseat Reviews

What is the difference between the Chicco Nextfit, CX and ZIP?

For years, Chicco has been making the highly rated and award winning Keyfit 30 infant car seat. Customers were loving it (and still are!) but wanted another Chicco product for the next step once their child outgrew the bucket seat. Chicco listened and presented us with the Nextfit series!!

The “original” Nextfit came out a few years ago and since its debut, they’ve slowly made some convenient improvements and voila!, the CX and ZIP were born! But what is the actual difference you ask? What did they change, add or remove? Read up and find out!

The Chicco Nextfit features:

  • a 9-position reclining seat

  • a 6-position adjustable headrest to grow with your child

  • an integrated slide path so that you can easily re-position the Latch strap when you go from rear facing to forward facing

  • a removable cup holder

  • a harness that can be tightened with one pull

  • a SuperCinch Latch tightener that uses a force multiplier so that you get the tightest and most secure fit

  • 2 RideRight bubble level indicators to help you achieve the correct angle when installing your seat

  • a 2-position chest clip that grows with your child

  • belt lock-offs that are built in for easy installation using vehicle belt

  • a removable infant insert for smaller infants

Nextfit CX:

  • The CX series is designed with all the features customers loved about the “original” Nextfit but they added the ComfortFlex Harness Management System that holds the shoulder and waist straps away from your child so that you can sit them in the seat without obstruction. It seems like a basic function but really, anything that helps you get your child into their seat more easily and with less hassle is a bonus. The CX also has shoulder straps that widen as you raise the headrest up with your growing child

Nextfit ZIP:

  • The ZIP series has parents’ best interest in mind. How many of us have struggled to remove a car seat cover, only to put it back on multiple times until it is correct? The ZIP is the answer to all those issues!!! Again, it was designed with all of the wonderful features that the Nextfit and CX have BUT the cover ZIPS right off to clean it! How easy is that!! No more struggling with bands, clasps, clips etc! The ZIP also features a thermal-insulated cup holder that comes with a storage pocket.

As you can see, the modifications are minor but can make a world of difference in a busy schedule. Simplifying the car seat helps promote a smoother outing and might allow parents some extra time for themselves :)

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