Baby University- Pregnancy Blog Week 42: Find your mom-friend

I am sure at this point, you and your Doc (midwife) do coffee (decaf) regularly, have each other on speed dial, are basically old friends. And, you have probably had the induction chat. 

There are several ways to be induced, natural and medical. And whatever you and your doctor come up with will be the safest and most comfortable route for you. They will not let you go later than this week, so I am a little teary eyed as I think about our relationship winding down. 

Soon, you will be too busy to even keep relationships with your actual friends and you will know what the term "MOM FRIEND" means. Finding that mom-friend is like finding your husband. You talk about extremely embarrassing, yet truthful, body functions and baby body functions. You can be yourself around them, they comfort you and make you laugh, and you would feel comfortable leaving your babies with them. You will find them, and they know what it is like...and they mean the world to you! So, as we part ways, I will do a bit of an Irish Blessing, mom style:

May the baby come out to meet you,May the husband stay near your head.May the sun shine warm through your hospital window,and cooled pads fall upon your fields.And until we meet again (in about two-three years),May your mom-friends keep the wine flowing and the laughs abundant. 

Au revoir! 

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