What's new in the BOB ALTERRAIN PRO and how is it different from the FLEX/Flex 3.0 and PRO?

What are the NEW features of the BOB Alterrain Pro?

OK, so, vendors are always updating their image, whether it be their logo, their product or their collections. BOBGear has done this numerous times and guys, this latest stroller DOES NOT disappoint. The BOB Alterrain Pro is a combination of everything we've always loved about their jogging stroller line, with the addition of some cool new features and enhancements. Get this! They listened to the consumer and made some awesome changes based on feedback! [CLICK HERE] to shop the Alterrain Pro on Amazon. 


The BOB Pro has been a TOP-SELLING jogging stroller and we're sad to see it go BUT it has been modified and transformed into the NEW Alterrain Pro! If you'd rather stick to the Pro, [CLICK HERE] and you may be able to find one on Amazon! The Pro was more inexpensive than the new Alterrain Pro but the new features will give you a smoother and more performance driven ride. 

BOB has announced the launch of the BOB Alterrain in the new future also, which will most likely make the Flex 3.0 obsolete as well. [CLICK HERE] to shop BOB Flex 3.0 on Amazon before they get discontinued.

BOB Flex 3.0 vs BOB Alterrain Pro


Not much has changed here, although the Alterrain Pro is much more sleek and streamlined. The interior seating area is unchanged while the Alterrain Pro is slightly wider and taller than the Flex 3.0 and offers more variation in the handlebar height. This enables more comfort when strolling for a larger number of people.  When folded (with wheels on), the Alterrain Pro will be slightly wider and longer BUT when folded (with wheels off), the Alterrain Pro is shorter. 

[CLICK HERE] to shop Flex 3.0 on Amazon

[CLICK HERE] to shop Alterrain Pro on Amazon


The safety features that we loved from the Flex 3.0 have been passed on to the Alterrain Pro. Both feature UPF 50+ sun protection, a 5-point easy-adjust, no-rethread harness, a flip-flop friendly parking brake and handlebar wrist strap. The Alterrain Pro also offers an easy fold lock lever and enhanced reflective canopy trim, basket trim, logos and wheel rims for increased safety in low light conditions (see picture).


The Alterrain Pro will feature a handbrake for ultimate control going downhill. 

The Alterrain Pro also offers SmoothShox® for a smoother ride on any terrain. Nothing will hold you back! 


This is where you will really notice a difference regarding how parent-friendly the Alterrain Pro is. The upgraded shocks mentioned above are a big upgrade regarding uneven terrain but we, parents, loved ones and caregivers, love things that are easy to use. The Alterrain Pro features a one-handed, on-step, quick STANDING fold which is HUGE when your hands are full (perhaps holding baby). The XL cargo basket beneath now also has a zipper so your goodies stay protected from the elements, because no one wants to go hunting for their lost items after a long walk.  BOB still included the peek through window but added a mesh for extra ventilation and to chat with your child more easily. As of summer of 2020, the Alterrain Pro is compatible with the following car seat manufacturers: Britax, Chicco, Peg Perego and Graco. As of now, there is no BOB Alterrain Pro adapter for Maxi Cosi, Cybex or Nuna. [CLICK HERE] to shop BOB Alterrain car seat adapters on Amazon. 


The BOB Flex comes in 2 water resistant, canvas sport fabrics with reflective accents:  Graphite Black with Black Frame and Lunar Black with Black Frame.

The BOB Alterrain Pro comes in 4 fabrics although these premium fabrics are all-weather with a waterproof canopy and reflective accents: All-Weather Black with Black Frame, All-Weather Blue with Metallic Gray Frame, All-Weather Olive with Metallic Gray Frame and All-Weather Lunar with Black Frame. 

In Conclusion...

At the end of the day, the Alterrain Pro is loaded with extras to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. BOB definitely leads the way in high performance jogging strollers and its new design is a sight to be seen. I only wish this had come out when my sons were younger - the added conveniencence factors, especially the one-handed, quick standing fold, are a definite game changer for me! [CLICK HERE] to shop the BOB Alterrain Pro on Amazon!


Click on the links below to learn more about differences between BOB strollers and what adapters you may need. 

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