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A Guide to Making it Through Flu Season

Get better quicker, with these simple tricks!

Literally, my entire family has been sick this whole month. It started as head colds, passed each of us...came back, gave us the flu while we were down, got over the flu, and now have the remnants of the head cold. *insert mad faces, mad words, no energy*

One weekend in particular, my husband got the man-flu. He acts like he doesn't know what that is. Guys, I'll clear it up for you: When you exaggerate your sickness to the point where you think you are dying. I can't complain, we really tag teamed to help each other.

Here's a little list of things to make even the worst of colds/flus manageable: 

1. BE A TEAM with your hubby or wife. 

Seriously, what is essential in getting better? Rest! When you have kids, it is impossible to do that. Take turns going back to your bedroom and getting good quality rest. We gave each other about two-three hours at a time. One of us would go rest and get some solid sleep, the other would hang out in the living room with our daughter and watch movies (there were a lot of movies happening here) or reading. 


Don't become each other's enemies at this time. It is easy to do when your husband has the man flu. If it gets to the point where resent is becoming an issue, gently remind each other  that you're in this together and team work makes the dream work. The dream in this case would be not puking on the carpet.

3. Utilize oils!

Something pretty new to me is using more natural remedies for sickness. We used lavender for headaches (a drop or two rubbed on your temples) and peppermint for nausea. Just rub a drop or two of peppermint around your belly button and it works like a charm for stopping nausea and also felt like it helped regulate our hot body temps. We also would add a few drops to our humidifier based on our needs for the day. My husband was shocked at how well they worked! Bibs and Binkies has Buckaroo Organics oils and they are SUPER reasonably priced! *If you use them on your littles, make sure you dilute them with coconut oil. If you have any questions on oils, there are  a ton of blogs and sites on the internet to answer your questions.


Buckaroo Organics also has a BRAND NEW bamboo diffuser to help everyone benefit from the goodness of the oils! 

4. Last but not least, hydrate! 

I love the Life Factory adult size water bottles for myself and my hubby. We made goals to drink 60-80 oz of water each day we were sick. I really felt like it helped flush the nasties out of us. 

So, hydration, eating well, oils, rest, combined with team work and no resentment = semi-bearable sick days!
This was just our experience, but I hope if you and your family choose to use any of these methods that they work for you!

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