NURSERY FURNITURE 101: What Do I Need in My New Baby's Room?

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NURSERY FURNITURE 101: What Do I Need in My New Baby's Room?


Whether it is your first child or your twelfth, eventually your baby will need a space to live and furniture in their nursery! Making this space comfortable, homey, and most importantly, functional, is a reason to call in the experts. 

Here! And ready to chat! Let's start with the basics. What are the fundamental pieces of a nursery? Check out this simple list:
I could go into exquisite detail on each of these, but will try to keep it basic!
What are you looking for in a crib?  I always suggest a convertible crib, and luckily, at Bibs and Binkies...Every crib has that option. A convertible crib is a crib that can transform into a toddler bed, then day bed, and eventually a full bed. All with the simple purchase of a toddler bed rail and full size bed conversion kits. The majority of the cribs actually already include the toddler rail. This is so handy because you're not buying new beds every time your child is ready to move on up. Another point I would like to make is how their crib truly becomes their safe place, so in their little life transitions, why not keep it as familiar and comfortable as possible?  
Changing tables and dressers can be purchased separately, or together! Some dressers have detachable rails that can transform them into changing tables! So if you're short on space, that would be my suggestion. If you have room for an amazing dresser and changing table, that is even more ideal! I had no idea how many clothes we would be accumulating when we had babies, so a dresser with a ton of room is super necessary. Bibs and Binkies has a beautiful magazine made up of all their furniture collections, and you can always find the perfect match between your crib, changing table, and dresser in store or on their website.
Some people will say a changing table is not necessary, and I disagree 110%. Not only is that where we store our diapers/wipes/baby lotion/diaper cream/the list goes on, but having a clean changing pad for our little one has made a huge difference, for the better, in our routine. No one wants to crouch down on the floor to change every single diaper (do you know how often you'd have to do that?!). You can technically change babies anywhere, but I cannot even tell you the amount of times I am grateful we were changing her on her changing pad when she had an extremely wet or explosive poopy diaper...and all I have to do is throw changing pad cover in the wash. Not get out the carpet cleaner or throw our bedding in the wash and worry if it soaked through the the mattress. At over two years, we still religiously use our changing table and changing pad. 
Last but not least, nursing chair!! My recommendation would be Storytime Series by Best Chairs, which can be purchased at Bibs and Binkies in store or on the phone! You can check them out on their website, as well. I love this brand because they are designed with parents of little ones in mind. They have added lower lumbar support built in and their recline handles on their recliners are in a location so your body does not have to change positions if you decide to snooze along with your little one! For the non-recliners, (or if you have a recliner and still love an ottoman!) you can purchase beautiful ottomans at a discount with the purchase of your chair! :) 
It is so vital to make some space for this in baby's room for many reasons. First and foremost, nursing! The average baby will be feeding approximately 28 of the 24 hours in a day. I am obviously joking, but it certainly feels that way. And if you are not feeding them, you are rocking them or cuddling with them! As they get older, rocking them to sleep with a sippy and a story becomes a great comfort to them and a great way to bond. Once they are out of the rocking stage (insert many tears), the chairs are so versatile and can be transformed into office chairs or lounge chairs in the living room! 
I hope this helps you get started on considering what you think you would like in your nursery, and as always, with any questions please call the staff at Bibs and Binkies! They are knowledgeable and eager to help make your pregnancy, newborn stage, and beyond an amazing experience for you and your growing family.  

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