Safe Sleeping with Cloudtot - How Safe it is?

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Safe Sleeping with Cloudtot - How Safe it is?

Cloudtot Safe Sleeping


The CloudTot is a safe and revolutionary upgrade to your already amazing Dockatot! It transforms your already safe Dockatot into an interactive system that monitors your child's movements, ambient room temperature, room noise level and wetness of the bed. The CloudTot features everything you love about the dock, but is now smarter. It takes peace of mind to a whole new level and allowing you to become even more aware of your child's health and safety. 

As parents, we all want what's best for our child, but we also want to sleep at night! Introducing....CloudTot!

Benefits of having a CloudTot:

  • Wake up, little baby!

The CloudTot features a sensor that monitor baby's movement while in the Dock. If no movement is detected for 12 seconds, patented PepPegs gently nudge baby when it matters the most. This is the ONLY product on the market right now that can do this!

  • What's up, Dock!

  • The Cloud device features a microphone, speaker and thermometer so you always know what's happening with baby. This smart integration allows for additional peace of mind and is parenting - redefined!




  • Keep me dry!

    It seems as though new parents are ALWAYS changing diapers! And in reality, they are! The CloudTot goes above and beyond and includes a moisture sensor. It knows when baby is wet and lets you know when it's time for a new diaper. Say hello to comfort, less diaper rashes and a great night's sleep!

    • There's a new app in town!

    This new app is THE app to rule all apps! It's integrative, smart, clever, convenient, trendy and best of's all for you! The CloudTot app features several programs that help document and monitor your baby's progress and share special moments with ease. There are several components to the app including The Baby DJ, Baby Life, Baby Docs and Baby File. All work together to let you be in control (as best as you can be!) of what's happening with baby!


    The Baby Dj comes preloaded with white noise tracks to soothe your baby into a great night's sleep (or nap). You can also upload your own music or pre-recorded notes for your baby. Baby Life is a social media extension, allowing you to share your baby's milestones, development and progress with loved ones on social media in a breeze. Baby Docs and Baby File is where CloudTot really shines! It records real time data such as feedings, tracks diaper changes, monitors sleeping times, keeps track of doctor's appointments and even keeps you current on your vaccine schedule (if there is one).  You seriously need to check this out! 

     If you haven't checked out already, visit our blog: safe sleeping with Dockatot and learn about all of the benefits and safety features of the dockatot. 

    CLICK HERE to browse our selection of DockaTot and accessories. The CloudTot will be launching Summer 2017- be one of the first to get yours!

    Coming Summer 2017 



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      Hi Helen, they have not released a price yet. We will have them available to sell as soon as they are released though.

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      What’s the price going to be?

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