What does MAP pricing mean?

MAP Pricing? Amazon Price Match guarantee?

These things sound nice, but what do they mean exactly? And how can you be sure you are getting the product you want at its lowest cost?? 

I write this piece as an experienced buyer, one-time retail store manager, and (most importantly) mother who wants to get great baby products, but not break the bank. 
One of my absolute favorite things about shopping at Bibs and Binkies (online or in-store in lovely Bozeman, MT) is their pricing (besides, obviously, their great brands, knowledgeable and passionate staff, and huge 4,000 square foot retail space for my kid to hang out in while I shop). 
They guarantee to sell at MAP, at the lowest price. When you walk into the store, the sales associate will probably walk up to you and let you know that! A lot of people don't actually hear that part because either they are A) chasing their kids or B) looking at all the awesome product!
I am here to decode what selling product at the minimum advertised price (MAP) actually means. So, here it goes:
When Bibs and Binkies (or any store, for that matter) goes into contract to sell a brand, the brand always tells them what to sell their product at, their Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  For instance, the Britax B-Safe Elite Infant Car Seat has an MSRP of $249.99 (but stores are allowed to sell as high as they want, this is just the suggested price) and a MAP price of $199.99. The MAP is the lowest LEGAL price retailers are allowed to sell at and advertise at. 
Bibs and Binkies always sells their product, especially their gear, at MAP pricing, which is why they can say they are AMAZON PRICE MATCHED - GUARANTEED. If you find product cheaper on Amazon, or anywhere else, either they are frauds, they are used, or they are illegally breaking their contract.  Bibs and Binkies takes the time to research their product thoroughly, on top of making sure it is the best price out there. 
I hope this helps you understand what MAP, Amazon Price Match, and getting the most bang for your buck means the next time you head out shopping :) And kudos to Bibs and Binkies, for offering this!

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