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How to tell your child that you are having another baby


You are going to be a Big Brother/Sister!

So how are you supposed to tell your toddler that he or she is not going to be the center of attention anymore??

We are pregnant with Baby #2, and our first kiddo just turned 2. They will end up being 2.5 years apart...and the thought leaves my head SPINNING. I can't imagine our toddler not being the center of our world anymore! How can I prepare her for what lies ahead? (Less importantly, but equally scary, how do I prepare MYSELF?? This blog will come at a later day!!) 

To do some Big Kid prep for baby, I have asked around for us! From friends and family to random moms I see at the park with two kids (yeah, I am that creepy mom always looking to strike up conversation), I have compiled a little bit of what it takes to prep the center of your world to share the spotlight!
During your pregnancy, talk to your toddler about the baby growing in your belly. Not only does this bring up hilarious responses and cute reactions from your little one, it won't surprise them when you go to the hospital and come home with a baby! When we ask our daughter where her little sister it, she points to HER stomach. Now that would be an adjustment for her, hahah!!
There are also a ton of books that talk about becoming a big brother or sister, and we have a handful of them. They have become our little girl's favorites to read at bedtime and we daydream about what little sister will be like. 

Talk to your toddler about the difference between a baby and a "big girl" or "big boy." Point out the differences, and how it is so much fun to be a Big Girl! Babies can't eat pizza or ice cream, babies can't play at the park, babies can't read and sing. Help your child realizes being a toddler is so much fun and they had to learn and grow to get there, which is a pretty big and awesome accomplishment! And they can help teach their baby brother or sister to do all those things!
Do not lie to your little one about what the baby will be able to do. If your toddler is expecting a playmate, they are in for a sure surprise! Baby won't be able to interact for months (as most adults know), but your Big Kid does not realize that! Explain to your Big Kid that little baby will cry a lot, because they can't talk. 
Involve your Big Kid in all the baby preparation! Let them pick out an outfit, blanket, or special toy for their new sibling. Talk about all the things they will be able to help with when baby comes! Like, watching them take a bath or handing Mommy or Daddy the pacifier or special lovey if the baby is crying. Show your Big Kid pictures of them when they were little, or even in your tummy!
Hope this helps make you feel more excited and prepared and less nervous about bringing another precious bundle into the world! Good luck, parents! And if you have any input, please leave them for us! We are learning, too!

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