Baby Registry

Creating and managing a Baby Registry has never been so EASY!! 




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Quickly build and modify a baby registry to share with family and friends! A registry is the perfect way to eliminate the guess work typically involved in gift giving.  

With our new Baby Gift Registry app, you can quickly and easily create a registry with only a few quick steps.  After it is created, you can browse our website and when you come across an item you would like, you simply click "add to registry" and you are all set!  

You can also share your registry on social media such as facebook so that friends and family that maybe couldn't make it to the baby shower can still get you a gift if they would like. You also have the option to check on your registry throughout time and see what gifts have been bought and which gifts haven't so that you can plan better as well...although you don't HAVE to peek :).  

Our priority is to make your transition to motherhood as easy and painless as possible. Our baby registry allows you to easily find and keep track of all the inventory, edit it as needed, and take the worry out of being a new mother ;) Your registry will be saved to an account for easy sharing. This will also allow your friends and family to search your name to find the registry as well.