Storytime Series by Best Chairs


Did you know that a new mom spends an average of 6 hours each day nursing? That's more time than the average person spends watching TV, Eating, Driving, Surfing the Internet AND Cleaning COMBINED!!!

Give your back the support it needs for those long hours with a Storytime Series Glider or Recliner by Best Chairs.

  • Best Chairs are custom made from scratch and usually take 4-6 weeks for production and shipping 
  • Choose from over a hundred fabric swatches - or use your own!
  • Choose between a traditional wooden glider, a swivel glider or recliner 
  • Recliners come in both the traditional hand control and in a power option
  • Several styles of chair to choose from
  • All chairs are built with reinforced lumbar support, extra padding where it matters and are meant to last. They transition beautifully from nursery to living area and are completely custom (over 100 fabrics to choose from!).


**Save an instant $100 when you purchase any

chair and matching ottoman!**

Stop in the store or CLICK HERE to check out all your options and to sit in one and feel the difference a high quality chair makes!

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