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3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow

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The My Brest Friend 3 in 1 Body Pillow is super soft and offers incredible comfort and support for pregnant moms. The body pillow makes sleeping more comfortable by conforming to your body throughout the night, supporting you in your ideal sleep position. The body pillow’s streamlined design and extra soft filling provide maximum support with minimal use of bed space compared to traditional body pillows.

Provide comfort and support for your growing body as you sleep

The versatile shape of the body pillow features specific head and knee support along with a custom belly wedge for a comfortable night’s sleep in an ideal position. The pillow allows you to adjust the support you need as your body changes by simply switching which side of the pillow you use to align your hips. The pregnancy body pillow is supplied with an extra soft removable cotton cover for easy cleaning.

Breastfeeding's #1 Supporter

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillows have supported millions of moms around the world successfully breastfeeding their babies. It is also used in hundreds of NIC units and birthing hospitals across the country. Our patented wrap-around nursing cushions are the #1 baby breastfeeding pillow choice of lactation experts, as well as nursing moms.