Octo Softeez

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No matter when or where bedtime lands, these octo softeezs are there for your little one to get a soothing and restful sleep! This octopus transforms any room into a dazzling starry night sky to help your little ones drift off to sleep. Among the stars are images of friendly, little fish busily blowing bubbles bringing even more delight to bedtime. Also, the smiley-faced plastic shell illuminates in 3 soothing colors to help ease children's fear of the dark. During the day, your little ones can play with Octo’s plush, tickley tentacles, creating a deeper bond between both of them. He’s more than a night light, Octo’s a comforting companion - whether at home, at grandma’s, in the backseat, or a hotel!


  • Eases fear of the dark
  • Projects stars and fish with bubbles
  • Plush tentacles soothes little ones with extra soft texture
  • 45 minute auto shut-off ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep, recommended by pediatricians
  • Projects in 3 soothing color options: blue, red and green – morphing option cycles through 3 colors automatically
  • Available in 2 colors – Pink and Blue
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Ideal for children of all ages