Twighlight Stay Asleep Buddies

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This adorable Sleep Buddy is interactive,  and super plush! They teach children when to sleep and when to wake! Using gentle melodies and glowing lights, children learn quickly to distinguish between bedtime and awake time – meaning more sleep time for both of you!  Also, the Stay Asleep Buddies are easily programmable for a full night’s rest or a much-needed nap.

Functioning as a sleep trainer, nightlight and sound soother all in one


-Bedtime Soother

  • Nightlight eases fear of the dark with calming amber glow
  • Sound soother plays dreamy lullaby
  • 45 minute auto shut-off timer ensures complete darkness & quiet during 
child’s deep sleep
  • Great for early risers because the bedtime lullaby and nightlight will turn back on when picked up or shaken to comfort children back to sleep!
  • Programmable nap and sleep timer (1-12 hours)

-Wake Up Buddy

  • the hedgehog plays happy wake-up tune in the morning or after nap time
  • it glows bright green letting kids know when it’s okay to get up
  • Adjustable volume control for both sounds
  • Long-lasting LED lights extend battery life and doesn't overheat